Wood is an ideal medium for me. Formerly a living organism, it is constructed of cells that, even after being cut and dried, continue to respond to the environment. Wood expands and contracts with varying levels of humidity. It turns darker, lighter, or changes colors depending on its exposure to light. Wood is deeply entwined in our lives. Despite being replaced by plastic and steel in numerous instances, it continues to be the medium from which we create many of the objects we use in our everyday lives. Tables where we eat, chairs that support us, beds where we sleep, even our homes are still built of former trees. Wood, and the objects we create from it, have a physicality and a relationship to our bodies and our lives that lend themselves to be metaphors for us, our social and political idiosyncrasies and, in particular, our role in nature...   more

Wake Wake Breach Breach Breach Ledge Ledge Ledge Coffee Table Coffee Table Coffee Table Coffee Table Dancing in the Stream Dancing in the Stream Respire Respire alternate view Respire detail 61520 51120 Kimball install Kimball install Kimball install Table Table Table Patas Arriba Patas Arriba American Cherry American Cherry American Cherry Dead Reckoning Dead Reckoning Unskinned Unskinned The Imperfections That Render Us Visible The Imperfections That Render Us Visible The Imperfections That Render Us Visible model#4 model#5 model#6 model#7 Crest Crest Snow College Gallery, 2017 Snow College Gallery, 2017 Thorns Mika's ponytail 2 Mika's ponytail 1 Mika Absalom Inversion Spiral Spiral Spiral Armed Armed Bubble Bubble Ouroboros Rootless Rootless (alt) Flagellate Stalk Delude Scribe Tap Cascade Cascade Cascade detail Dowsing Rod Slip Slip detail Slip detail Vigilance Vigilance detail Tung Tung detail Fountain Fountain detail Dowsing Rods 5&7 Dowsing Rods 5&7 Commander Ga Commander Ga Commander Ga Commander Ga Susurro Susurro detail Outcross thumbnail